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Shifft, led by Russell Cummings, delivers quality business coaching and mentoring services to dynamic family and privately owned businesses using great people coupled with powerful tools and resources .

If your business is already successful and you are looking to take you and your team to the next level, then Shifft is designed specifically for you.

The Shifft philosophy is simple

Develop a Strategy

Build Capability

Grow Commitment

At Shifft we believe that to improve performance, everything starts with a GREAT STRATEGY that enables us to differentiate our business in the market and to MEASURE OUR PERFORMANCE against the PLAN. To execute effectively, we need to ensure that we have the CAPABILITY TO DELIVER - resources, people and capital. Our people are critical to our success and we need to ensure that we have COMMITMENT to the strategy and the plan from Owners, Managers and the Team by engaging them in the process and by enhancing their skills, knowledge and behaviours. Focusing on these 3 factors - STRATEGY CAPABILITY COMMITMENT - will significantly lift the performance of your team and your business.

We deliver these changes via our Programs. All programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and your budget. Click here for more information on our PROGRAMS.

Meet Our Team

  • Russell Cummings

    Russell Cummings has over 31 years comprehensive experience as a Management Consultant and Coach to family business, industry organisations, corporations and government. He has worked with clients in a wide range of sectors including: agriculture, manufacturing, horticulture, Defence, public utilities, dairy, meat processing, IT, printing, environmental, service industries , R&D bodies, Local Government organisations and Industry Associations.

  • Induwa Carolyn Cummings

    Induwa Carolyn Cummings is committed to recruiting and finding top talent for our clients, but it’s more than that for us. Our holistic and commercial view to recruiting, the workforce, and how it is critically linked to a company strategy is how we like to partner ourselves with our clients.

  • Ian Watson

    Ian has been involved in assisting small and medium sized businesses for over 25 years and has a practical hands on approach to business advice and working closely with clients to achieve desired outcomes. With a broad range of experience encompassing many industries and professions and using various tools and processes, Ian has been effective in driving results.

  • Rae Tomelden

    Rae Tomelden has been supporting entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant for over 5 years, providing social media strategy and implementation, generating website content and managing administrative responsibilities. She is an integral part of the Shifft Support Team.

  • Chris Gamuyao

    Chris is an integral part of the Shifft Team driving our back-end systems and managing websites, resource centres and delivery of our outbound marketing. He has also worked closely with our client to build outstanding websites for them.

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