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MAY 2022 - GOLD COAST BUSINESS LEADERS WORKSHOP #5 - Strategy | Vision | Focus - Making strategic shifts in your business

2022 is turning into a challenging year for many business owners faced with a myriad of opportunities and challenges.
Use our second workshop for 2022 to work on your Competitive Advantage in the light of emerging trends so that we set powerful strategies focused in the right areas. Attendees will walk away with clarity on practical ways they can leverage themselves more effectively in 2022 and a clear reset plan.
There is a small charge to cover venue and catering.
An event not to miss so please ensure you register now - https://shifft.zohobackstage.com/GCBusinessLeadersWorkshop5

February 2022 - Business Leaders and Advisors Surveys

The annual Mindshop Business Surveys for 2022 are below. If you operate or manage a business then make sure that you download a copy of the Business Leaders Survey.
If you run an Advisory Business then you might also want a copy of the Business Advisors Report.

november 2021 - BONUS


Building the like, know and trust factor with your clients and customers is an important part of business. In the digital age, it takes longer to build trust and is easier to break it.
In the first episode of The Digital Approach Podcast, we talk with Russell Cummings, the founder of Shifft, who is a business management consultant with over 36 years of experience in business.
We take a deep look at what it takes to build trust and authority in the digital space and create authentically to grow the relationships with your customers. This will help you build a strong foundation of trust to keep your customers with you longer.
Find out more about Russ: www.shifft.com.au
Get great free resources: https://www.shifft.com.au/free-resources/



Sales skills and processes are critical to any growth program. Lifting your conversion rates by 30-50% and even 100%+ can have a massive impact on your business - more sales for less effort!
My experience is that many "sales people" think they are doing a good job but its only when they are benchmarked against a "sales professional" that the differences are starkly emphasised.
Lifting your sales skills is one of the easiest and most beneficial skills for any business to improve but skills are only part of the change that needs to be made. Building a strong sales culture, good processes and tools are essential to make the best of the improving sales skills.
This FREE short course is focused on building some sales skills and briefly touches ion some of the more strategic issues.
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