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The growth begins here.

Let’s make it happen together.

Prime your business for growth and set sail to your goals.

Over the next 6 months, you’ll implement the 8 key elements of your Business Accelerator Plan.

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The Business Accelerator Plan unveiled.

Here are the 8 Projects that we’ll work on.

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Over the next 6 months, you will get access to EIGHT Accelerator Projects, delivered by video, worksheets and resources in your secure members area.

They are designed to RAPIDLY ACCELERATE your business and get you implementing your GROWTH PLAN as soon as you can, with support along the way.

The program is designed around FAST TRACKING your growth plan. It is an IMPLEMENTATION focused program.

Every 2 weeks, you will have access to a Group Training call with Russ to address any issues, ask questions and be held accountable.

To kick start the program, you will have access to a 90 minute Group Planning Session to get started on your journey.

Every day you will have your questions answered by Russ, the Shifft Team and your peers in our Shifft LinkedIn Group.

A great program to accelerate your business growth.





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We know you’ve got questions. We’ve got some answers.

Below you’ll find answers to the most asked questions about starting our Accelerator Program. If you don’t find your answer, then contact us as we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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Join the group now.

Click the button below to go to our payment page and then you’ll get your member log in details for access to the Accelerator Member Resource Centre and the private Shifft LinkedIn Group.

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Unsure of whether to join?

If you aren’t sure if this is the right program for you, then book a 10-minute chat with Russ to determine whether its right for you. No sales pitch – just an honest discussion.

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