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Are you striving to elevate your business to new heights? Prepare to transform your aspirations into actionable plans with our exclusive 90-Day Planning Workshop, meticulously designed for owners and managers of family and privately owned businesses. Led by Russell Cummings, Australia’s premier business coach from Shifft, this online workshop is your golden ticket to crafting a focused roadmap for the April to June 2024 quarter.

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A webinar is simply a “Seminar” that is delivered via the internet. A presenter will deliver their presentation using visual media and audio so that you can “see and hear” the presentation. It is like watching a movie on your computer except that you can ask questions and send messages to other participants and/or the presenter.


Developing a Resilient Mindset for Business

Ian Kaminskyj discusses how to develop a resilient mindset with tips and tricks for controlling your state, managing stress and anxiety.

Time to Thrive

Do you have a clear plan for how your business will emerge from COVID19? Perhaps you’re planning to wait and see what happens.

How to create a truly unique business

Most businesses start out as a bright idea from somebody with good technical skills and limited business skills. And as a result, we end up copying.

Setting up for a successful 2020

This 45-minute webinar discusses 5 tips to set yourself up for success in 2020 and a structured program to build your 2020 Growth Plan.

Setting your sight on a big 2019

This 60-minute webinar helps you identify what is holding you and your business back from success, and shows you how to quickly build a great plan for 2019.

7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

This webinar covers the Shifft 7-Step Digital Marketing process and explores where you need to start your Digital.

Build a digital marketing strategy that works for your business

This webinar reviews the key elements of your digital strategy, explores the right platform for you.

To Export or not to Export? Growing an export market for your business

This webinar determines the right time for you to start exporting at scale and discusses how to prioritize.

Building Your Leadership Capability

This webinar explores the key business capabilities of successful leaders and highlights the 10 high performance habits that will help you be more successful in 2018.

The 3 biggest barriers to your success in 2018

This webinar identifies the 3 biggest barriers to future success and provides you with some clear strategies as well as some tools and resources to address these barriers.

Making the Most of 2017

This webinar explains how to take the time to plan your year while last year is still fresh in your mind.

What is your Strategy and Plan for 2016/17?

This webinar explains how to create a simple planning process for you to highlight key issues & strategies in your business.

How to find and leverage a Virtual Assistant (or two) in your business

This webinar explains how to create a simple process to find and manage Virtual Assistants in your business.

How to select an eco-system of powerful apps and tools

This webinar explains how to pick the right software and tools to drive Personal and Team productivity.

How to lift your Personal Productivity

This fast-paced, insightful 60-minute webinar explains how you can lift your personal productivity by having a well-planned, productive week.

3 Simple Steps To Cut Through and Win Your Customer’s Heart

This short 30-minute webinar explains the importance of demonstrating to customers you care and believe about the same things.

Making the Most of a Year

In this webinar, Russell Cummings, Business Consultant, discusses effective principles on how to finish your year before you start to have the best year ever.

Making your Biggest Opportunity for 2015 / 2016 a Reality

This webinar is a unique opportunity to gain insights on the strategies required to make your biggest opportunity for 2015 / 2016 a reality.

The 11th Commandment in Running a Successful Business

This short webinar highlights the key lessons for improving cashflow in your business.

Effective Methods of Attracting & Retaining Quality Team Members

This short webinar focuses on effective processes and key success factors for how to attract and retain quality team members in your business.

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Business

This short 30-minute webinar focuses on developing your social media strategy.

Horticulture 2020 Paper - Future trends for Australian Horticulture

This short 30-minute webinar highlights the key points from the recently launched Horticulture 2020 Paper by Russell.

Growth – How to Create and Manage it in your Business

This short 30-minute webinar explores the issues around growth and how these assist in defining your strategy.

Creating Employee Passion for the Brand and the Customer

This 30-minute webinar explores the examples of what passion for brand and customer looks like, 6 key principles for leaders to follow and dealing with barriers.

What is your personal brand and how do you build it?

This short webinar explores the key elements of creating a “Personal Brand.” With more and more emphasis on the “individual” through social media, how you present yourself to the market matters.

Tips & tools to help get traction with execution of strategy

This interactive webinar explores setting up your strategy and plans for effective execution, and explores some simple tools and tips to help keep you accountable and improve your likelihood of achieving success.

Driving Marketing & Sales Activities in your Business

This webinar looks at 3 key elements for building marketing and sales activities in your business.

Improving your Work/Life Balance

Many people struggle with the concept of Work/Life Balance. In this short webinar, Russell Cummings explores some of the key issues around Life Balance.

Finding Value in Your Value Proposition

How do you deliver value to your customers? By starting with what the customer needs rather than what you want to sell! This webinar explores how to unlock value for your customers and outline a few tools and tips to help you do that.

Improving Customer Service in your Business

Who are your key Customers and how can you improve the level of service that you provide? All too often the small differences in how you treat them is how your clients will determine whether you are delivering a superior quality service (or product).

5 Tips for improving the productivity of your Meetings

The average manager spends about 20 hours per week in meetings and only 56% of them are productive.

Converting your Revenue Targets into Cash

In this short 30-minute webinar, Russell Cummings, Business Coach, explores how to set simple Revenue targets and then link them to your marketing and sales activities so that you have a process for conversion.

Growth - Where Are The Opportunities In Your Business

In this focused webinar, Russell Cummings demonstrates where to look for growth opportunities in your business.

Finding Your Sweet Spot of Marketing

In this short webinar, James Atkins explores how to develop and deliver content that truly adds value by identifying your marketing sweet spot.

Can you predict the future? Using simple scenarios to plan your business

Russell illustrates a simple technique for using different scenarios to test and challenge your planning.

Sales Shift 2020

This session is an overview of the recently completed white paper, Sales Shift 2020, produced by the sales science team at Banjar Group.

From Strategy To Execution

In this short webinar Greg Gunther, explains how to maximise the potential value of your strategies and take it from planning to execution.

Creating Business Models

In this short 30-minute webinar, Russell Cummings explains how to make the changes that can give you an edge on the competition and improve your competitive advantage.

Making the Best Use of VAs

In this short 30 minute webinar, Russell covers the essential elements of finding hiring and working closely with a Virtual Assistant to improve your productivity.

Improving Your Productivity

In this short 30 minute webinar, Russell covers proven, simple tools, techniques and concepts that you can directly apply to become more productive in your day.

Industry Development - What is it and How it will benefit you?

In this webinar, we look at the fundamentals of the industry development process including industry structure.

Positive Psychology and Leadership

This webinar covers topics such as real links between “Positive Psychology” (way more than just positive thinking) and how you can use this to improve your Leadership, communications and relationships.

Social Media and You - Understanding How Leverage it in your Business

This webinar covered a range of issues surrounding Social Media and how you use it in your business.

Improving your Personal Productivity

This webinar covered a range of productivity and time management tips and tools including setting priorities, using systems and time management tips.

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