Develop powerful strategies. Build the performance of your Team. Grow as a Leader. LIft your profits.


Your business is already profitable and primed for growth and you want to take it to the next level.
Working closely with Russ and the Shifft Team, over the next 12 months, you will have a custom growth program tailored to your specific needs with regular 1-on-1 support from Russ, access to our over 150 business tools and processes, online training, comprehensive Member Resource Centre and access to our exclusive Gold Coast Accelerator Weekends.


Here is how it works.


You will have up to 2 x 60-min focused coaching sessions with Russ each month via Zoom video (or face-2-face if you’re close to the Gold Coast or Brisbane) to develop strategies, plans, solve problems and keep you accountable. In between calls, Russ will coach you via our dedicated online coaching facility in the Member Resource Centre.


You’ll have access to our comprehensive Member Resource Centre that has 25 online training programs. In addition, Russ can craft a tailored training program specifically for you that integrates with YOUR PLAN, your behavioural profile and your coaching sessions to ensure that we get maximum traction and return on your time. The 25 Courses are listed here. We are adding new courses regularly.


We’ll give you access to 150 business tools to help you solve problems, develop plans and explore new concepts. Each tool has an instructional video and worksheets/templates, if applicable. You will also have access to our library of 25 Diagnostic tools to analyse different elements of your business.


To kick things off, you will have a 2-3 hour individual planning session with Russ via web conference or in-person for Gold Coast/Brisbane members. This session will develop a Strategy Plan to start your growth journey and provide you with the direction and actions to make rapid progress towards your goals. Your session will be summarised into a One Page Plan.


So we understand you better as a person and can tailor our coaching program to your specific needs, we’ll ask you to complete a Harrison Behavioural Assessment with a detailed video summary that will highlight your behavioural strengths and weaknesses. You can purchase additional Harrison Assessments for your team starting at $750 pp plus GST with discounts for volume.


As a Growth Program Member, you will have access to our private Shifft LinkedIn Group where you can learn from Russ, The Shifft Team and your peers. Ask business questions and get guidance on tools, processes and courses. Get input from the entire community. You also get access to all the Accelerator Program Courses and Live Training Calls, if you would like to participate.


As a Growth Program Member you will receive invitations for 2 people from your business to attend to our Member Only events held on the Gold Coast over 2-days, twice a year. At these events, we will deep dive into your plans and strategies and explore new and emerging concepts for you to build into your business model and, network and learn from like-minded individuals. You and your team will also have access to our Business Webinar and Video programs where we explore critical and cutting edge concepts.

Over the next 12 months, you will get access to our entire GROWTH PROGRAM, delivered through a combination of 1-on-1 sessions, group interactions, video, worksheets and resources in your secure members area.
The Program is designed to RAPIDLY ACCELERATE your business and get you implementing your GROWTH PLAN as soon as you can, with support along the way.
The program is designed around FAST TRACKING your growth plan. It is an IMPLEMENTATION focused program.
Every month, you will have INDIVIDUAL COACHING CALLS with Russ to address any issues, ask questions and be held accountable.
To kick start the program, you will have a 2-3 hour INDIVIDUAL PLANNING SESSION with Russ to get started on your journey.
EVERY DAY you will have your questions answered by Russ via the online Coaching Platform or by the Shifft Team and your peers in our Shifft LinkedIn Group.
You will have 24/7 ACCESS to our Member Resource Centre which is full of training programs, 150 tools, templates, diagnostic tools, webinars, videos and your private Coaching Area.
Twice a year, you will be invited to the Gold Coast to attend our Onsite MEMBER ONLY WEEKENDS where we will DEEP DIVE into your business, issues and plans and explore NEW CONCEPTS.

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

I have worked with Russell for approximately 2 years now in one-on-one to group Strategic Planning sessions. During this time, I have always found Russell to have an approach that gets the most out of each session for most, if not all, participants. My business has now developed a whole team approach to training with Russell assisting in providing the basis for most training sessions. From where I sit, I have always found Russell to be great value for money and someone who assists in delivering results.
- John McLean, CEO - Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
The suggestions and methods Russell gave us turned to gold. The result - $20,000 worth of new business signed off by the client. That's not something I would have done at that level previously. A great result!
- Geoff Knox, One 2 One NZ Ltd
Russell has and is involved with similar networking groups and at all times he displays an enthusiasm and passion for what he does. He often offers business owners an insight into what he does and ways in which he can help and ideas that they can implement to help themselves.
- Dion Taylor, Bundaberg & District Chamber of Commerce
I have known Russell for a number of years through the Mindshop network and have both worked with him and hired him for work. Russell is a person of high integrity with a suite of tools that he uses but is not tied to – i.e. he does not come with a cookie cutter approach but seeks to really understand the problem and work through innovative solutions.
- Paul Higgins, Emergent Futures Pty Ltd
Russell is one of those unique people whose passion for helping people achieve business success is sincere and honest and it is not about how big the paycheck is, it is all about the value he is giving. His background and knowledge in his field of expertise is exceptional and I would highly recommend Russell as a Business Coach or Consultant.
- David Ligtenberg, Digital Marketing Consultant
Russell is a true professional in his consulting work. He uses highly effective methodologies tailored to the client situation and delivers quality work on time that has impact and creates business value. Many consultants claim they do this, but Russell actually does!
- Brian Ramsay, Inovact Consulting Pty Ltd
Russell has been a positive force in mapping the direction for my company. He offers out-of-the-box solutions to save me time and money. I would recommend Russell for any medium-sized business to create a path of growth and be a sounding board for new opportunities for your market.
- Jonathon Olsen, LJ Hooker Bundaberg


Below you’ll find answers to the most asked questions about starting our Performance Program. If you don’t find your answer, then contact us as we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Time inputs vary between individuals. We would suggest that you will need to invest an hour or two each week to make the changes you need, however you may decide to do this in bursts of activity rather than every week. As a guide, each course will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete and the number of courses you do will depend on you and your business needs. You will have the opportunity for up to 2 x 60-minute sessions with Russ each month plus the initial 2-3 hour Planning Session. The 2 x Weekend Sessions are optional and will typically start about 10am on Saturday and finish by 2pm on the Sunday to allow for travel.

Yes. Once you start the program you will be invoiced monthly and provided you are up to date with payments, your access will continue for as long as you like.

The Growth Program is for 12 months duration to optimise your return but you can choose to extend your Membership for as long as you like.

We also know that our Programs may not be for everyone or that the timing may not be right for you now. You can cancel your membership at any time but we ask that you initially commit for a minimum 6-month period to ensure that you are giving it the best chance of success.

As a Growth Member, you will have access to the Growth Program Live Training Calls which run every 2 weeks on Wednesday at 8am Brisbane AUS time (11am NZT). The Member Resource Centre has schedules, updates and links to each session and you will get access when you join. If there are changes, we will let you know with plenty of time.

Each session is recorded and posted in the Resource Centre, just in case you can’t make it on that day.

You will be able to ask questions of Russ during the session.

If you have any unanswered questions, please send an email to and we will help out.

During the Program, you can also ask questions of Russ during your Individual Coaching session and through the online Coaching Area. You can also ask business questions to our Shifft LinkedIn Group to get answers from Russ, the Shifft Team and your peers.

Each session will be delivered online using GotoMeeting (or similar technology). You can access the sessions on your desktop, tablet or smartphone (using the GotoMeeting app). You will be able to book coaching calls and the planning session at a time that suits you and Russ using our online Booking System. We will record each session for you.

Yes. This program has been developed over 30 years of coaching high-performing businesses in a range of industries and sectors. The Growth Program is a tailored support program designed to accelerate the growth of any business. We have helped our clients add over $200M in sales in the last 10 years.

However, it is not “industry specific” in that it won’t focus on the technical aspects of your business e.g. window cleaning, but will focus on management, marketing and sales to help you drive growth.

The Shifft Programs are built around 4 core elements: Work to a PLAN, MEASURE your success, Build CAPABILITY and GROW the Team. Without a focus on all 4 elements, you will struggle to drive business performance.

Russell Cummings, our Head Coach, has over 33 years experience at working with business owners and managers across a range of industries from start up to mature businesses. We specialise in working with family and privately-owned businesses that want to grow. Our client base is currently located across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Your investment for the Growth Program is $1500 per month plus GST. It will be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD$) regardless of your location. GST is only applicable to Australian businesses and will not be charged for international clients.

If the Package that we have presented doesn’t meet your needs or budget then we are able to create a custom program for you. Simply book a call with Russ to discuss the options.

Note: You will responsible for your own travel, accommodation and meals to attend the Gold Coast Weekend sessions.

If the Business Growth Program doesn’t quite meet your needs then we are open to creating a custom Program specifically for you. The initial planning session with Russ will allow us to create Program content specifically for you but you may want to adjust some of the other parameters.

In our experience, some clients would like more (or less) individual face-to-face time with Russ (either in-person or via skype/phone). Others would like regular on-site coaching visits with Russ, while others would like to involve their team in the program in different ways, for example: access to specific online courses or Resource Centre Access or a Group Coaching Call specifically for your Team.

Clients often request Russ to facilitate workshops and on-site training programs

The options are endless…so if you would like to discuss this further, then simply book a call with Russ to discuss the options.


Most people are concerned that a Coach is going to come into their business and start telling them what to do. Quite rightly, this is not a recipe for a good relationship.

A good coaching relationship is based on trust and collaboration. You bring the detailed knowledge of your business and industry and we will bring over 32 years of experience in business, great tools and processes and good general business skills. Together we will grow your business.

It all starts with a plan which is why the Initial Planning Session is really important. Russ will facilitate the development of a plan to get you started. You will build on elements of this plan over the next 12 months – implementing as you go. This plan will guide your coaching and training activities.

Prior to your coaching session, you will be sent a draft Agenda that you can add to and there will usually be some pre-work that you will need to complete (nothing onerous!). You will report on current business activities and performance and on progress with your assigned tasks at each session.

At the end of each coaching session, you will have a list of agreed actions to work on and these will be uploaded into your online Coaching Area for future reference and discussion.

In addition to the 1-on-1 sessions, you can also ask questions of Russ in your private online Coaching Area. You have 24/7 access to this area. Russ will usually respond to your questions within 24 hours.

A great question. Although every business is different and there are no guaranteed outcomes, we would expect that you should aim for a 10x ROI. We know this is achievable as we have helped our clients add over $200M in sales over the last decade.

However, everyone will measure their success in different “currencies” depending on their personal situation. For some, rewards will be in the form of “more time with my family”. For others, it will be “taking a regular or big holiday” or “less stress and better health”. And for others it will be “more profits” or “greater market share”. For many of you it will be a combination of these things that will determine whether its been an outstanding investment or not.

You will be able to book sessions with Russ at mutually convenient times for both of you. If you must cancel a session, you can reschedule at a mutually convenient time. There are no refunds for missed sessions.

You will pre-book a Coaching Session with Russ (or a Specialist in the Shifft Team) using our online booking system. You will be sent some pre-work and we will agree an Agenda for the session. We will contact at the agreed time for your call.

Each session will be delivered online using GotoMeeting (or similar technology). You can access the sessions on your desktop, tablet or smartphone (using the GotoMeeting app).

Yes, you are welcome to involve additional team members in individual coaching calls, live training calls and the planning event. You will get 2 x invitations to our Gold Coast Weekends so you can bring a team member or partner if you like. However, you will only get 1 x access to our Member Resource Centre for coaching, training and tools. Additional access for your Team is available for an additional investment. Please contact us at and we will work out a package for you and your Team.

Each Weekend Session will be spread over 2 days usually starting at 10am Saturday and finishing about 2pm on Sunday. The days will be full and we will send out Agendas prior to the Weekend. We will provide the venue, great content and limited catering. You are responsible for your own travel, accomodation and meals. A schedule of the Weekend Events is in the Resource Centre.

The days will typically cover training in new concepts and processes, a deep dive into your business and plans, coupled with the opportunity to network and learn from like-minded business owners and managers who are actively growing their businesses.

You will need an internet-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone to access the Member Resource Centre. Your Team will need an internet-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone to access the online Resource Centre. Computers will need a sound card and speakers and a microphone (a headset will do) for webinars.

The private Coaching Area and the Toolbox are accessible via our smartphone app although online training is currently not available on the app and will need to be accessed via browser on a tablet or computer.


Click the button below to go to our registration page for access to our exclusive Performance Program.


If you aren’t sure if this is the right program for you, then book a 10-minute chat with Russ to determine whether its right for you. No sales pitch - just an honest discussion.
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