Mapping your Leadership Vision for 2023

As part of our 2023: Time to Thrive Program, this short video discusses the key elements for building a clear Leadership Vision for you and your business.

Business Environment Changes

In this short video, Russell Cummings explores one of the tools for defining business context.

Strategic SWOT Analysis

Ever wondered how to develop great action plans for your business? Russell Cummings, Business Coach, highlights the use of a powerful business tool - Strategic SWOT Analysis to help you create great actions, one of the more powerful business tools for your toolbox.

How to pivot your business to address COVID19 opportunities?

Russell Cummings, Business Coach, explores a framework for pivoting your business to address any opportunities that may arise from COVID19 and to help your business survive.

Your Growth Strategy

Are you unsure of your strategy for business growth? This short video from Russell Cummings, Management Consultant and Coach, will step you through a simple matrix that can help with this.

Promotional Planning

Russell Cummings, Business Coach, explains how to create a plan of the promotional activities for your business.

Innovative Pricing Models

In this short video, Business Coach, Russell Cummings, highlights how you can use pricing as a strategic marketing tool.

90 Day Contact Programs

Business Coach, Russell Cummings, explores how to create a simple 90 Day Contact program to super-charge your marketing.

Business Model Canvas Explained

A 2-minute overview of the Business Model Canvas, a tool for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. This method from Strategyzer's bestselling management book Business Model Generation is applied in leading organizations and start-ups worldwide.

[TOOL] Trigger Point Budgets

Business Coach, Russell Cummings, explores a simple tool that allows you to forward plan in difficult times - The Trigger Point Budget.


Lessons Learnt 1 - Marketing and Promotion

In this video series, Business Coach, Russell Cummings, will draw on his 37 years experience as an advisor to business (and successful business owner) to highlight some key Lessons Learnt. Today's video explores 3 key tips in marketing and promotion. Visit for more marketing resources, including our free online Marketing Course.

Lessons Learnt 2 - Sales and Networking

Over the last 37 years as a Management Consultant, these are some of the lessons I've learnt about Sales and Networking. This is the second video in the Lessons Learnt series that highlights key insights in specific areas. More tools, templates and courses at including our FREE online Sales for Growth course.

7 Key Business Trends for 2023

Russell Cummings, Business Coach, explores 7 key trends for business that will potentially impact on their future in 2023. This a part of the 2023: Time to Thrive series on

6 Strategies for successful growth

Watch this webinar from Russell Cummings of Shifft on 6 Key Strategies for Business Success. This is based on over 35 years experience with over 500 clients.

Traditional Strategic Planning processes are broken

In this short video, Management Consultant and Business Coach, Russell Cummings outlines the 6 reasons why traditional strategic planning processes are broken and demonstrates a different approach that businesses can use instead.

5 Key Trends in Business - 2018

Business Coach, Russell Cummings, explores the 5 Key Trends facing Australian business in the next 5 years. Visit the website for more information.


Accountability 3 most important questions

Personal SWOT Analysis

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