Build your Business. Lift Performance. Increase productivity. Drive change. Improve profits.


The challenges of building and growing a business are increasing - driving up your stress levels, reducing profits and increasing missed opportunities. In this rapidly changing business environment as an Business Owner, you need to be across all aspects of your business from:
• MARKETING (competition, traditional and digital, websites, SEO, social) to
• PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (new products and services, market access, growth) to
• SALES (onboarding new clients, sales skills, management, performance, rewards) to
• PRODUCTIVITY (efficiency, margins, outputs, performance measurement) to
• MANAGING PEOPLE (morale, performance, changing working arrangements, leadership, skills, safety, attraction and retention) to
• FINANCE (profit margins, measures, reporting, debt, contracts, compliance and taxation) to
• TECHNOLOGY (programs, platforms, infrastructure, equipment)
It's challenging and many Owners fail to address critical elements from a lack of experience, expertise and/or time.
This is where we can help you take control of your business - reduce stress, improve productivity and increase cash and profits!
The process of enhancing your Business Performance is based on 4 core components:
1. Working to a Plan- developing a structured Plan that focuses on clear Strategies and Tactics.
2. Measuring Success - developing a simple system of cascading performance measures that are focused on your strategy and start to drive accountability.
3. Building Capability - developing the skills, enhancing the knowledge, improving the leadership and changing the behaviours of you and your team are essential to lifting performance.
4. Growing the Team - building team work across the business by improving communication, collaboration and team culture.
Over the next 12 months, we will work with you to implement 7 key projects in your Business that cover these 4 elements providing you with less stress, more margin, better cashflow and increased productivity.
This program is especially suited to Owner/Operators of smaller businesses with less than 10 employees who are looking to grow and is based on our 36 years of experience at working with dynamic businesses.


There will be 11 cornerstone projects:


Having a clear business strategy is essential to differentiate your business from all the "copy cat businesses" and to make it truly standout in the market. We will work with you to create a Strategy that works!


You have a strategy for your business... right? We'll work with you to create a strategy for your people that takes your future business needs and industry trends into consideration and develops training plans, recruiting plans and budgets for lifting your team performance.


We’ll step you through the process of creating a clear set of Objectives and Targets for your business that cascade from the top to the bottom of your organisation using the powerful OKR methodology.


Nearly every staff survey I have ever seen says "not enough communication", "we need better feedback..." and I doubt that your business is every different. To address this we'll show you the 6 meetings you must have in your business to improve communication and provide feedback.


To be truly successful in business, it helps to build a strong leadership skills, whether you have a big or a small team. In this project, you’ll learn some key principles and simple tools and processes for improving your role as a leader.


When your people start to operate as a high performance team, you will see productivity improvements across the board. Give them the responsibility for improving performance using our 7 Wastes Process and setting up Project Teams to drive the change.


Most business fail to have an effective marketing strategy. Good marketing starts with a clear understanding of your product/service offer, pricing and distribution strategies. Until you are really clear on strategies that differentiate you in the market place, you are spinning your wheels with your promotional activities.


In this project, we will analyse your sales success and develop clear strategies and processes to improve conversion rates and lift your sales. Based on proven techniques, we will improve your skills, systems and processes in sales. This is one project that you won't want to skip.


The challenge is always to deliver products and services to the client at sufficient volume and margin that you make a great profit while delivering exceptional value. Sales will help with volume but how do we deliver volume effectively, efficiently and profitable. We will address all these issues in this project.


Once you have a clear Marketing Strategy then we can apply our simple 3 point model to help you take your message to market. In this modules we will address: networking, websites, social media, traditional advertising and digital marketing.


Having a detailed knowledge of jey numbers in your business is critical for growth. Many business owners do not understand their Profit and Loss and/or Balance Sheet and rely purely on cashflow for management. In this project, we will dissect your business so that you understand the key drivers of profitability and what to do to truly increase profitability and wealth.

Over the next 6 months, you will get access to TEN Performance Projects, delivered through 1-on-1 online coaching support, video, worksheets and resources in your secure members area. Russ will work closely with you on each of these projects - this is not a training course. Whether we complete all 10 Projects within 12 months will depend entirely on you, your business, relevant priorities and opportunities.
The projects are designed to RAPIDLY ACCELERATE your business and get you lifting BUSINESS PERFORMANCE as soon as you can, with support along the way.
The program is designed around FAST TRACKING your plan. It is an IMPLEMENTATION focused program.
Every 2 weeks, you will have access to a 121 business coaching meeting (or zoom call) with Russ to develop your plans, address any issues, ask questions and be held accountable.
To kick start the program, you will have access to a 2 hour Planning Session with Russ to get started on your journey.
You will also have access to our dedicated online resource centre with over 150 business videos, 30 online Training Programs and a private coaching area.
This is a great program to accelerate your business growth.

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

I have worked with Russell for approximately 2 years now in one-on-one to group Strategic Planning sessions. During this time, I have always found Russell to have an approach that gets the most out of each session for most, if not all, participants. My business has now developed a whole team approach to training with Russell assisting in providing the basis for most training sessions. From where I sit, I have always found Russell to be great value for money and someone who assists in delivering results.
- John McLean, CEO - Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
The suggestions and methods Russell gave us turned to gold. The result - $20,000 worth of new business signed off by the client. That's not something I would have done at that level previously. A great result!
- Geoff Knox, One 2 One NZ Ltd
Russell has and is involved with similar networking groups and at all times he displays an enthusiasm and passion for what he does. He often offers business owners an insight into what he does and ways in which he can help and ideas that they can implement to help themselves.
- Dion Taylor, Bundaberg & District Chamber of Commerce
I have known Russell for a number of years through the Mindshop network and have both worked with him and hired him for work. Russell is a person of high integrity with a suite of tools that he uses but is not tied to – i.e. he does not come with a cookie cutter approach but seeks to really understand the problem and work through innovative solutions.
- Paul Higgins, Emergent Futures Pty Ltd
Russell is one of those unique people whose passion for helping people achieve business success is sincere and honest and it is not about how big the paycheck is, it is all about the value he is giving. His background and knowledge in his field of expertise is exceptional and I would highly recommend Russell as a Business Coach or Consultant.
- David Ligtenberg, Digital Marketing Consultant
Russell is a true professional in his consulting work. He uses highly effective methodologies tailored to the client situation and delivers quality work on time that has impact and creates business value. Many consultants claim they do this, but Russell actually does!
- Brian Ramsay, Inovact Consulting Pty Ltd
Russell has been a positive force in mapping the direction for my company. He offers out-of-the-box solutions to save me time and money. I would recommend Russell for any medium-sized business to create a path of growth and be a sounding board for new opportunities for your market.
- Jonathon Olsen, LJ Hooker Bundaberg


Below you’ll find answers to the most asked questions about starting our Performance Program. If you don’t find your answer, then contact us as we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

After you initial planning session, you will meet regularly with Russ in person or via zoom (depending on your mutual locations). Meeting frequency will be 1-2x per month for about an hour each session. You will also have phone and email access to Russ as required. However, you will also need to dedicate time for preparation and follow up outside of the 121 sessions. The amount of time you are able to dedicate to the program will depend on your workload, priorities and aspirations but you will need to be able to commit at least 2 hours per week to make any progress.

The Performance Program is initially for 12 months duration with regular contact with Russ. Why 12 months? As you’re already a busy person, it takes time to build plans, develop systems and to implement processes. 12 months is a realistic timeframe to make a dent in your growth plan, however many clients continue their engagement with Russ for years.

Depending on your mutual locations, Russ will deliver your coaching sessions in person at an agreed venue or via Zoom (or similar) if you are at a distance. Russ works with businesses across Australia, New Zealand the UK so distance is no barrier to getting results.

Yes. This program has been developed over 36 years of coaching high-performing businesses in a range of industries and sectors. The Business Performance Program will guide you through 10 Projects designed to accelerate the growth of any business. We have helped our clients add over $200M in sales in the last 10 years.

However, it is not “industry specific” in that it won’t focus on the technical aspects of your business e.g. window cleaning, but will focus on building performance within your business to help you drive growth.
The Shifft Programs are built around 4 core elements: Work to a PLAN, MEASURE your success, Build CAPABILITY and GROW the Team. Without a focus on all 4 elements, you will struggle to drive business performance.

Russell Cummings, our Head Coach, has over 36 years experience at working with business owners and managers across a range of industries from start up to mature businesses. We specialise in working with family and privately-owned businesses that want to grow. Our client base is currently located across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Your investment for the Performance Program is between $12,000 and $18,000 plus GST (payable monthly). Note: GST is not charged for international clients.

This will give you 12 months access to Russ and the program resources. It will be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD$) regardless of your location.

Russ will discuss your specific needs and tailor a program specifically for you to meet your aspirations and goals. There are no lock in contracts and you are free to cancel with a month’s notice if the program is not delivering exceptional value.
If the Business Performance Program doesn’t quite meet your needs then we are open to creating a custom Program specifically for you.

In our experience, some clients would like more individual face-to-face time with Russ (either on-site or via zoom). Other options include a group call with your Team members who are all working through the Training Programs. Others may want more training in a particular area eg. strategic planning or a team workshop for your business.

Clients often request Russ to facilitate workshops and on-site training programs.

The options are endless…so if you would like to discuss this further, then simply book a call with Russ to discuss the options.
Most people are concerned that a Coach is going to come into their business and start telling them what to do. Quite rightly, this is not a recipe for a good relationship.

A good coaching relationship is based on trust and collaboration. You bring the detailed knowledge of your business and industry and we will bring over 36 years of experience in business, great tools and processes and good general business skills. Together we will grow your business.

It all starts with a plan which is why the Initial Planning Session is really important. Russ will facilitate the development of a plan to get you started. You will build on elements of this plan over the next 12 months – implementing as you go. This plan will guide your coaching and training activities.


Click the button below to go to our registration page for access to our exclusive Performance Program.


If you aren’t sure if this is the right program for you, then book a 10-minute chat with Russ to determine whether its right for you. No sales pitch - just an honest discussion.
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