“The Tradie Toolbox has been developed especially for trade businesses and is now being launched on the Gold Coast”

“Join us for our official launch event on the Gold Coast where you will get to understand how the Tradie Toolbox works by experiencing a “cut down” version of the process. This session alone will add real value to your business – and best of all – it’s free!”

Russ Cummings, Business advisor

Russ has over 34 years experience as an Advisor to a wide range of businesses including trade based businesses. He is based at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and will be driving the Tradie Toolbox Program. For more information on Russ visit www.shifft.com.au

Mick Alcorn, Tradie Accountant

Mick is a Gold Coast based accountant with over 15 years experience, who specialises in working with Trade Businesses. Mick will be an integral part of the Tradie Toolbox Program drawing on his extensive tax and finance experience. For more information visit - www.ignitionaccountants.com.au/about

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