How to Create iPhone Apps – No Programming Knowledge Required

The number of people that I talk with who have a great idea for an iPhone app is incredible. The challenge for most of us in how to make it happen.

Too many of the online resources are superficial, high in hype and low in detail or aimed squarely at people with a high level of IT skills and experience. Most of the people I talk with are like me and have no programming skills and lack the time, drive and aptitude to develop them.

Despite my lack of skills, I have developed a 2 iPhone apps (Force Field Analysis & Competitor Analysis – both business apps) and have another 4 apps in development.

The process to get my apps developed was convoluted and challenging. Along the way, I have made plenty of mistakes but also found heaps of tools, tips and tricks. I have pulled all this together into a new 260 page eBook that explains the 9 Step Process of developing and marketing an iPhone app – in great detail.

The eBook also includes a listing of over 205 resources that you can use to develop your own iPhone application.

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