Getting Your Focus Right

In this segment of the 90-Day Productivity Planner Journal, we will introduce you to key business tools aimed at enhancing your focus.

Business Leadership and Roles

Recognising that, as Business Owners/Managers and Leaders, we all hold goals at both business and personal/leadership levels is crucial. Leadership, in essence, is a value rather than just a role, intertwining goals within our responsibilities.

This Venn Diagram stresses the need to consider business, role, and personal aspects in your planning. Keep this model in mind, ensuring you don’t overlook any of these areas in your focused planning.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”
~Scott Belsky

Understanding the Urgent and Important

Our second tool is Covey’s Time Management Matrix, accompanied by a dedicated exercise. Covey’s tool highlights that many activities are either “thrust upon us by Others” (Quadrant 3) or important but neglected in our planning (Quadrant 2). This leads to prioritising less critical tasks at the expense of strategic activities. Complete the exercise to discern activities in each quadrant.

The Role of ‘Big Rocks’ in Focused Goal Setting

In the pursuit of unwavering focus, the importance of setting clear goals, or ‘Big Rocks,’ emerges as a guiding principle. These Big Rocks represent the strategic keystones that demand our utmost attention, serving as beacons in the sea of objectives. In our productivity and planning journal, we advocate for the strategic identification of 3 or 4 Big Rocks – a deliberate limitation aimed at preventing dilution of focus.

The rationale behind this approach lies in the power of concentration. By honing in on a select few goals, we channel our energy and resources with unparalleled precision. This strategic limitation ensures that each Big Rock receives the attention it deserves, fostering a depth of commitment that propels us towards strategic success. In the intricate dance of goal-setting, the simplicity of focusing on a handful of Big Rocks emerges as a profound strategy for achieving impactful results at the strategic level.

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