Kanban Flow

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the stuff you need to do, here’s a great productivity tool I found on the web that can help you get organized easily.

This tool is called the KanBan Flow tool which you can find on www.kanbanflow.com. It is web-based and also has a version that you can download to your iPhone, iPad or Android devices so it’s with you wherever you go.

The KanBan Flow tool is a web-based board that gives you an excellent overview of your current work situation. It is divided into four columns – To-do, Do today, In progress and Done so you can easily monitor which things you worked on, you should be working on and what’s coming up. You can also have other people linked into your KanBan board.

Aside from the fact that it’s a productivity tool, what I like about this is that it’s visual, you can use color to mark and organize things, and simply drag and drop things to where you want them to be.

Learn more about this tool with my personal review. watch the video.

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