New Year’s Affirmations

Every New Year brings a fresh start, a new life, a new outlook or perspective. And for most people, the New Year usually brings to mind a bunch of resolutions they would like to accomplish and fulfill. This rings true for businesses too which is why last year, I talked about 10 new year’s resolutions for business owners. But this year, I’ve decided to present a new view for businesspeople to welcome the New Year – instead of resolutions, I’ll talk about New Year’s Affirmations.

Wikipedia defines the term affirmation as a declaration that something is true. If in 2012, you’ve made some amazing changes in your life, on how you view and manage your business, now is the time to look back at these changes and declare and confirm that what you’ve done is part of your goals and that it is right to continue what you’ve done this 2013.

Positive affirmations are very important when you’re a business person. Although these do not guarantee success, they can be a powerful tool to help you change the attitudes, beliefs and thoughts you have that hinder you from growing and achieving success.

So to do that, I recommend creating a series of positive affirmations like, “I manage my time efficiently and do not waste it,” (no more than ten), type them up and place them in a prominent place where you will see them every day (your bathroom mirror or wardrobe door are great places). Read them out loud every day.

Other positive affirmations that I found around the web that you can use to start creating your list are:

1. I believe in myself.
2. I am successful in what I do.
3. My possibilities are endless.
4. I am clear about what I want to do.

As you read your affirmations aloud every day, they will easily become a part of your beliefs and create a new you. Encourage yourself and the people around you, whether it’s your family, friends, and team to take great pride in affirming their accomplishments not only in the past but also to positively look ahead and continue to do great things for 2013.

Note that the power of positive affirmations in our businesses and personal lives is a direct reflection of our attitudes.

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