Improve Your Productivity with Power Naps

Numerous sleep experts highlight the benefits of improved alertness and concentration following a 20-30 minute power nap. My challenge has always been that I seem to wake up after the nap – drowsy and anything but alert. Apparently, this is because I drop off into “deep sleep” rather than staying in a “light sleep” phase. This causes me to wake with Sleep Inertia.

I’ve found a great app to help with my naps – not surprisingly it’s called Sleep Cycle Power Nap and costs $2.49.

This smart app uses the accelerometer in your smart phone to monitor your sleep pattern and wakes you while you’re still in the light sleep mode – stopping you from dropping into deep sleep. You simply put your phone in your pocket (or I place it on the chair, bed, lounge, etc in contact with my body). I’ve found that it really works and use it regularly.

screen568x568It has 3 modes:

•    Power Nap – this will let you sleep for a max of 20 minutes and will wake you if you start to drop into deep sleep. Perfect for re-charging the battery.

•    Recovery Nap – this mode lets you sleep for up to 45 mins but won’t let you drop into deep sleep. Great to boost energy levels.

•    Full Sleep Cycle – this enables you to sleep for a full REM-Deep Sleep cycle (usually around 90 minutes). The alarm will gently wake you after a full cycle or within 2 hours, when you’re returned to light sleep. This means that you will wake refreshed.

If you want to maintain your performance, then power napping can be one of the tools in your repertoire and this app is a great tool to help optimise the outcomes.

sleep-cycleYou can get the Sleep Cycle Power Nap app on the iStore at or it’s Android version at

P.S. – I also use the other Sleep Cycle app as an alarm clock. It gently wakes you when you’re in light sleep. More info at

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