Tailoring your Marketing to your Consumers

I recently posted about an interesting ad campaign from Canada using Porsches in a wealthy suburb in Toronto. Let’s expand on this concept of really understanding your target market and personalising your approach to them.

In the video, the advertising agency Lowe Roche in Toronto Canada thought of a way to make advertising more direct and more personal for client – Pfaff Porsche. They drove the Porsche to a neighborhood of affluent families in Toronto (which was their target market), parked the Porsche in driveways and took photos.

After the pictures were taken, the team from the advertising agency produced tailored marketing pieces for each address using mobile printers. They then distributed the print outs and the residents of the neighborhood received a personalized direct mail piece.

From this creative and very unique campaign, 32% of people responded to a website where they booked a test drive. For Pfaff Porsche, this ad campaign was very successful.

But this type of campaign isn’t completely new. In fact, an advertising agency for an auto company in the Netherlands has also utilised this type of campaign and has successfully tailored their marketing strategy to their customers.

They started using street view images about a year ago in their direct mails and the response has averaged about 63% leading to a 13% increase in sales from a single direct mail. They sent 1000 direct mails and sold 130 brand new cars in one dealership. This is a sensational response!

Now, with this type of personal and direct campaign so successful, how can we expand this beyond cars? How can we apply the same principles to other products and services? Some concepts are:

For fashion, the tailored marketing strategy would be to Photoshop different clothes onto client photos. Companies could make this work by allowing people subscribe to a service where they view themselves in different clothes and accessories. The business can also send them “an outfit” once per month. You could also do something similar for sporting apparel, ski wear, sunglasses, etc?

For Real Estate, the personal approach would be presenting views of the customer and his family in their new home. Or even having a “Sold” sign superimposed over the street view of their house.

For Roofing businesses, the direct strategy would be showing customers what their house would look like with a different colour and style of roof.

But if you can’t use this type of marketing strategy in promotion, maybe you can use it to personalise a product.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks has done this with their “personalised label” offer where you can create your own product labels using your own photos. It is also available through their iPhone apps.

What can you do to tailor your marketing to a clearly defined target market?

We are in a highly competitive world where consumers are constantly bombarded with information and advertising. You need to make your promotions cut through the clutter.

Maybe using a highly tailored approach to directly target or link your brand to the consumer is an option you should be considering?

Your thoughts?


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