Using Zoom for remote communication

As we move to a period of less face-to-face contact, there is a growing need to make better use of video conferencing tools like Zoom. However, I’m finding that there is a large number of people that are unsure of how to make the best use of Zoom or even how to use it all.

The following documents and videos are aimed at the Business Owner who would like to use Zoom to communicate with clients, suppliers and/or remote team members.

DOCUMENT #1 – A simple guide for using Zoom for remote communication.

DOCUMENT #2 – Logging onto Zoom for the first time [This is a document that you can forward to external parties with some simple instructions and links to instructional videos].

VIDEO #1 – Using Zoom for remote communication. This is a video summary of Document #1

VIDEO #2 – How to use Zoom for the first time. Watch this short video from Russell Cummings, Business Coach, if you’re a first time Zoom User.

VIDEO #3 – How to use Zoom with slow speed internet. This is for users who may have slow internet and will help them have better meeting.

VIDEO #4 – How to log onto a Zoom Meeting using your mobile phone.

VIDEO #5 – Using breakout rooms in Zoom

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