How to measure performance in small business using OKRs

Russ was interviewed on OKRs as part of the GTMHub Podcast series on OKRs and performance measurement in business. In this interview, Russ covers a lot of ground like the ways OKRs can help small businesses, a walk through of how to cascade OKRs, how to approach tracking metrics when you’re first starting out and the dangers of being efficient in the wrong places at the wrong times.

0:00 Intro
2:00 Russell Cummings’ background
5:02 Challenges small and big companies
7:30 2 ways to use OKRs in a small businesses
16:20 Best business practices
20:40 Stop and prop
21:24 Forcefield analysis
23:23 Engaging employees
27:38 Growing 2-20 million dollar companies
32:50 Stories of success
44:46 Rapid fire questions
50:30 Outro

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