Now is the time to double down….

I hope you’re well and surviving these challenging times…

Your response to COVID19 will depend on your industry, business structure and level of resources and I’m sure that you have addressed the most pressing issues and have locked down your business to weather the storm (if required) but where to next?

As our Governments start to contemplate lifting restrictions and “kick starting” the economy, now is the time to ramp up your marketing activity and start building momentum for the future.

Do not wait for the restrictions to be lifted to begin your recovery – START NOW! I am finding that people are looking beyond COVID19 and are starting to build resources and contacts to help them through the Recovery Phase so you need to be building your profile.

Marketing typically has a lead time to start producing results – so start your activity now and build momentum.

What sort of things should you be doing?

1. Get your post-COVID19 Business Strategy sorted – for many businesses COVID19 has been a catalyst for changes in how we: operate, deliver our products and/or services, manage teams, working locations, pricing models, etc. What changes will you hang on to? What old practices will you discard? Why? What will your business look like post-COVID19?

2. Ramp up your marketing activities – once you are clear on your strategy, then its time to double down on your marketing and sales activity.

Its important that you start this ahead of the curve as marketing has a lead time. If cash is still tight then think of all the free and low cost activities that you can do.

Your marketing activities should be focused on our 3 point Promotion Model: Networking, 1-to-1 and Broadcast Activities.

The emphasis you put on each element will depend on your specific business. Some potential activities could include:

  • Join some networking groups – most are 100% online at the moment so you can expand your geographic reach quickly and easily – Click here for networking resources –
  • Revise your website and social media presence – take the time to upgrade your website and/or social media profiles. If cash is tight, then change the content on your website not the layout. If you don’t have a website then now is the time to get one!
  • Ramp up your activity on social media – Pick one or 2 social platforms that fit with your target market and start adding regular content and interacting with your connections.
  • Build content that demonstrates “capability” – write blog articles, produce videos and add content to your website that demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. “5 top tips for xxxx” articles, etc. Watch our video on how to convert your blog into a video –
  • Share this content with your clients and prospects – Send copies of your new content to your mailing lists – post content on social platforms – rework popular content and post it on authority sites to increase SEO
  • Explore online advertising – If your budget allows then consider advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords, etc. With less competition for key words on Google you may find that your funds go a lot further. Engage professional help to get better results or be prepared to learn on the run.
  • Connect with your Referral Sources – make contact with your “Centres of Influence” and rekindle relationships that may have gone cold over the last few months.
  • Ramp up your 90 Day Contact Program – most of these activities should be part of a structured 90 Day Contact Program for your business. If you don’t have a 90 Day Contact program in place or have let it slip – now is the time to re-ignite it. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS – You can download a free copy of the Program here –

So, now is the time to ramp up your marketing activities as we build towards a relaxation of restrictions and our economy starts to recover. Don’t wait for the recovery – be proactive and start working on it today.


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